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I’m Not As Good As I Once Was

I am older but I am still me. I’ve been kicked around by life so many times that I think I have permanent bruises. But the thing about me is that I am resilient. I’m like that bad penny that keeps showing up. I just won’t go away and I keep coming back. I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was is the way Toby Keith put it.

I have been feeling down and out lately as some of you know. But tonight I decided to take a bad situation and make some lemonade. My power was going off and on and I looked out and the power company had some good-looking guys out there working. So I moseyed outside to find out what was going on. I joked and flirted for a bit and came back inside feeling a little more confident. I don’t normally flirt with strangers but I figured why not? Nothing to lose and I could gain my electricity! So I got a nice ego boost and my electricity back on.

Not too shabby for a chick whose had the crap kicked out of her lately. Yay me! Progress! Turns out that the natural flirt in me was like Lazarus. She was raised from the dead. Do I plan to do that regularly? No. but once in a while won’t hurt.


It’s a Process…I Flirted

So I went through the crying and despair. I went through anger. And while it still hurts, I’m allowing myself to try to move forward. I flirted today. It wasn’t much of anything but it was something. It was better than looking down at my shoes or focusing solely on the items I needed at the store. There was a joke, smile and laughter. We went our separate ways and I felt good about myself. It was a step in the right direction. I was proud of myself.

Baby steps, right? It’s a process.


The Flirtation

 I have gone through many phases of life. When I was younger, I was quite outgoing. I didn’t care what people thought; I just said or did it. Then I became quite self-conscious. I became more introverted. I could hide it, though. I could flirt from time to time. But I never knew when a male was interested in me. (By the way, I still don’t.) Then I hit a spell where I got a little more comfortable with myself again and honestly had a plethora of men to practice on. Some was innocent flirting and some was “let’s see what happens” flirting. It was fun and interesting. It was kind of like an experiment. If science had been like that in school, I would have LOVED it! I should have taken more psychology classes because human interaction is fascinating. Then I made some bad choices. Boy were they bad! I went back to being the natural introvert I am.So I felt the flirt come out recently. It was SHOCKING! I didn’t mean to do it. It was natural and somewhat disconcerting. I saw this man and he was funny and smart and he could talk geek to me! DING DING DING! We have a winner! Amy is now interested. And it is so funny how it happens. He says something. I say something and I laugh and before I knew it I flipped my hair. I thought to myself even as I did it, What the hell did I just do? Flipped my hair? Have I flipped my wig for real? WTH?! I kept going, though, I chatted, smiled and laughed. It was a brief moment but I do have a chance to talk to him later. Do I feel self-conscious? Do I roll with it? Did he notice? Did he care? Was his wedding band in the shop or is he REALLY single? And why do women analyze this stuff? It’s funny. I’m thinking of writing a sitcom. These are the things women do. (Men, you are getting insight into a woman’s psyche for FREE! Pay attention! And repay the kindness! Give information back!) So now you know. I’m partially crazy. I did something that shocked me. It didn’t kill me. So there ya go!


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