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As we get older, things start falling apart. Fact of life. Not a nice one, but still we need to face it. I recently went to the eye doctor and my vision has changed slightly yet again. Guess what that means! Time for a change in eyewear! So my insurance says I can get contacts or glasses. I want both. But I really can’t afford full price. But I am a smart shopper! There are ways to afford it, people! I know a lot of people just slap down the full price or do without. Ridiculous! I don’t get that concept at all. With the internet, there is no reason to do that ever! And I do mean EVER!

If you know about the kind of glasses you like and can measure, go to and you can get FREE glasses. Yes, I said FREE. You do have to pay the shipping and handling fee, but it is like $10. So what could cost $300 compared to $10? Ummm…what do you think? I’m thinking $10 ain’t so bad. And I have used this place before. They are reputable. They are good. I’m wearing the glasses right now and LOVE them! You have to use the coupon code: freefirstpair.

So, my insurance is going to buy my contacts. I wear CooperVision Frequency 55 contacts. No, they’re not the typical contacts. But I love them. They fit well and don’t roll up. But they’re not priced too differently than any other contacts out there. So I am getting these through insurance at the doctor’s office because that is what I have to do. But as I was doing my research, I found some interesting information. I checked and they wanted $33.99 a box for my brand of contacts. That is crazy. So I did some more looking. I found and guess what! The same contacts cost $12.95 a box. Yep! A savings of $20 a box and free shipping! 

People, don’t just pay retail for expensive items! Do some comparisons first. Maybe you have money to smack down on stuff like this. I don’t. And frankly, even if I did, I don’t like being screwed over. Why on earth would I want to pay an extra $40 ($20 x 2) plus shipping to 1800contacts?! It’s easy to look online to compare prices. I went to Google and just typed in “compare contact lens prices” and that is how easy it was.


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