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Fiction Piece

Had a moment to start writing some fiction that I had spinning in my head.

She thought she imagined hearing her name and kept walking briskly. The wind was whipping and she pulled her coat tighter. Emmy was in a hurry and wanted to grab a quick gift in the bookstore before meeting friends for dinner. There it was again. She paused for a moment but kept walking. She didn’t want to stand out in the howling wind listening for imaginary sounds. If someone wanted to speak with her, they could catch up to her in the bookstore.

As Emmy opened the door to the store, she heard footsteps behind her as if someone was running. She did stop this time and turn around. “Emmy! I called for you but I guess you didn’t hear me.” She couldn’t believe she was staring at Chad. She realized she lived in a small town, but she had not expected to run into him, much less speak to him.

“Hello, Chad. How are you?” she asked.

He looked surprised. Her voice wasn’t friendly. It was almost as cold as the wind blowing. “I’m good! How are you? You look awesome!”

Emmy’s mind was racing and she had to tell herself to not react to him. For so long his voice could cause physical reactions. Her heart would quicken, palms sweat, breathing speed up. She willed herself to not react.


She didn’t know what else to say. When they had broken up, it wasn’t amicable. It was volatile and stressful and painful. When he decided he didn’t love her anymore he had given her the whole “let’s-be-friends” song and dance. She had loved him so much that she did want to try it for a while, but it was just too painful. All being friends meant was that he wanted her to be his emotional dumping ground and he could screw around with no guilt. For some reason that just didn’t seem fair to her.

Chad stood there looking uncomfortable. He seemed genuinely glad to see her but there was that awkwardness between them. They hadn’t spoken in almost a year. There had been a lot of changes in both of their lives during that time.

“Do you wanna grab a cup of coffee?” he asked hesitantly.

Emmy was uncertain of how to answer. She didn’t want to seem bitchy but she didn’t want to have coffee with him. First, she was in a hurry. Second, why would she want to sit and drink coffee with someone who had hurt her so much on purpose? Because he did seem to be sincere, Emmy tried to formulate a response that was suitable. It wasn’t easy.  Finally she just said, “I’m sorry but I have to go. I hope you’re doing well. Take care!”

Emmy began walking quickly to grab the book and a gift bag. She was ready to get out of here! She thought her interaction with Chad was over. She looked up and there he was. She raised her eyebrows in question.

Chad didn’t know exactly why he followed her. He just felt like there was something he had to say. “Look, I know you said you didn’t want to get coffee, but are you sure? I feel bad, Em.”

“Look Chad, I really don’t have time today. I have to be somewhere and I am already running late. I don’t have time for this. It was nice seeing you, but I really have to go.”

Emmy was starting to feel frustrated. It was one thing to run into him but now he was pushing her to have coffee after she said no. Why couldn’t he understand she had a life? He was no longer the center of her world. Unfortunately he had been for way too long.

She made her way to the counter to pay for what she had picked out.  Chad followed her. She was ready to scream at him. He was more attentive today than he was the last three months they were together. She almost laughed.


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3 thoughts on “Fiction Piece

  1. stephanie yarbrough on said:

    I will be back to see the following pages…. good job!

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