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I Need Help


Our local food bank is called Manna Foodbank in Asheville, NC. We have an anonymous donor who has offered $1 for every like that Manna gets from now through December 24th, 2012. That $1 makes 3 meals. We need likes! Can you go and like Manna? Will you spread the word? We need them to get a lot of money! It is an amazing organization that helps a lot of families and organizations throughout Western North Carolina. You can visit their website if you want to find out more at but the like needs to be on their Facebook wall. Their name is MANNA FoodBank. Please help them out!


I Got My Early Christmas Present!

christmas present

I usually don’t buy myself presents. I decided this year that I deserved a present, though. I have gone through a lot and I really deserved something. I don’t buy things all throughout the year and I don’t buy a lot of expensive stuff. And I didn’t even buy an expensive Christmas present for myself. I bought something under $40 for myself that I hope to use quite a bit. I bought an e-reader. I know I have complained about how a real book is better. I stand by that. There is nothing like flipping the pages of a book. It is completely better. But I don’t have time to get to the store to buy books all the time. Plus I can download free books! I love free!

I got my e-reader through Wal-Mart on Cyber Monday. It was $20 off and I purchased it through a site that gives me points for purchases through affiliates. Win-win. I made points for buying something I was going to get anyway. I was amazed when it was on my doorstep Wednesday. I didn’t choose expedited shipping but it was there in a flash! It’s nothing fancy. It’s a basic e-reader and does basic stuff but I don’t need fancy. I need something easy and convenient.

One thing I figured about it was that it would help me with my writing. I don’t think I can write as well until I read more. I haven’t had time to really pick up a good book in a while. Now I can. Anyone have any suggestions on something good to read?


Hurry! You can still support the troops!

American troops are amazing! They work hard every day without a care for their own lives. They sacrifice daily to take care of this great nation. Sometimes we wonder how we can give back when we don’t know a service member personally. Here is how…you can send a Christmas card. From now until December 7, 2012 you can send a card and Pitney Bowes and Red Cross will send it on its way. This is just a small gesture for all they do. Take the time to thank them. The address is above in the graphic. Also it is:

“Holiday Mail for Heroes

P.O. Box 5456

Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456”


Dear Santa

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s Amy. This year was quite the year. I will not say I was an angel, but considering all I had to deal with I certainly wasn’t the devil I could have been. I mean, I had to deal with an obsessive-compulsive Lawn Mower Man/Weed Eater Man/Leaf Blower Man just about daily. Lack of sleep and just plain ol’ meanness nearly drove me to doing some pretty drastic measures. I didn’t put out the extra rocks that I considered. I also didn’t put clear forks in the lawn, tines up, to maim the mower. Yes, I admit the thought occurred but I was rational. I figured I would get evicted if I did it. See?! I was good AND showed restraint! That should count for something! Right?!?!

I also didn’t pitch fits at work at times when I wanted to. I was cussed at on the phones at times and called in at crazy hours. I didn’t get to go home to Alabama as planned because things at work changed. But I kept on working and sucked it up. I worked while sniffling, sneezing, running a fever, and feeling like someone had run me over. Shouldn’t that warrant some good favor?

So, Ho Ho, I would like some things this year and think I am deserving. I would like:

  • A vacation get-away somewhere warm and quiet, but with internet access
  • A new bed that feels like heaven when I climb in it
  • A new laptop
  • A nice age-appropriate woman for Lawn Mower Man/Weed Eater Man/Leaf Blower Man to keep him occupied and TIRED
  • A nice age-appropriate man for me that will make me laugh again and possibly keep me tired, too (wink-wink)
  • A cat tower for my girls because they deserve it
  • More money in my bank account
  • Spa day for me

I think upon review, you’ll find these things to be not so bad. I could have said, “Screw it!” But I didn’t! I have been pretty good for the majority of the year. Yeah, there were some slip ups and my mouth might need to be cleaned out a little, but it’s not as bad as it could be. Santa, don’t ya have it in your heart to help a middle aged chick out? I mean, honestly, in the last decade you have been slacking. I haven’t said anything but frankly enough is enough.



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