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Ann Speaks

Ann Romney

Ann Romney (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

She has broken her silence. I think it is great that she stands behind her husband. I think she needs to think before she speaks. Really think before you open your mouth. The two things that hit me recently were where she defended her husband and was saying that people should stop lashing out at him and then went on to say we all know what the election is really about…the economy. Really? So it has nothing to do with diplomacy, foreign policy and relationships, terrorism, war, healthcare or even religion which I have heard a lot about? It’s only about money? OK. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Ann. She was on the show trying to clean up Mitt’s blunder about the 47% and then said that. Brilliant.

The other thing that she said that bothered me is that if her husband was to get elected she would worry about his mental well-being. I’m praying that the media really butchered her thoughts. The bottom line is that these intelligent, highly educated people who have more money than God say whatever pops into their heads. This makes me question them more than I already did. I mean, would you both spout that crap if you were in the White House? I’m not saying mental well-being is bad. But in a national election, saying something like that is showing vulnerability. If you want to prove that your husband is weak, that is fine with me. I don’t care. We all have our weaknesses. But it’s not preferable to point them out when an all-out war is going on for the presidential hot-seat. That just appears to be common sense to me and I would assume that such smart people would have some of that.

Mr. and Mrs. Romney, the office you propose for Mitt to hold is a very prominent one. Many Americans still care about it. I do. I want someone in there who will speak after thoughtful consideration and not just throw off-the-cuff comments out there because they’re angry or because they feel that they are better than half the population. Thank you for your comments. They were interesting if nothing else.


Love Jon Stewart


This is a comedic view of what I have been talking about lately.

Jon Stewart on Romney


Pledge To Not Text And Drive


English: A sign that states "No Texting W...

English: A sign that states “No Texting While Driving” in West University Place, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So many of us have done it.  We hear that ding on our phones and we’re like Pavlov’s dogs…we feel like we have to check it. If we feel that strongly, maybe we need to pull over to do so. There’s been so many unnecessary deaths due to texting and driving. Today is a day to pledge to not text and drive. Are you in? I am. There is no text worth my life. I am not that important where something is going to fall apart if I don’t answer a text within seconds. Neither are you. If you really need to get in touch with me, call me. I can talk and drive at the same time. If it is important enough, you can tell me to pull over.



Political Video

I have been offended by Mitt Romney’s statements as of late. He has dismissed 47% of the American public in a private fundraising dinner. (see the video)  Then when he was called out on it he said he spoke inelegantly (here he is back-pedaling). No, he spoke candidly and said what he really thought. Then when he realized that wasn’t a popular stance he back-pedaled. No apology. No. He meant what he said. He just didn’t mean for the whole world to hear it.

A president is supposed to look out for the good of 100% of the country. Even if you aren’t focusing on them all the time, you don’t say that in a public forum. That is denigrating and offensive.You don’t say things such as these people view themselves as victims and you can’t worry about them. I wonder if Mr. Romney has ever taken the time to speak to these people? Does he know any of their situations? Before you make assumptions about people, you need to learn about them. Don’t just assume that you know everything about them and write them off. Maybe that is part of the problem right there! Society wrote them off for so long and they feel they are worthless and they can’t do differently or don’t know how.Ever think of that? Maybe you should focus on empowering them rather than continually knocking them down. If the person who wants to be the leader of their country thinks they’re worthless, then what does everyone else think?

Know what I think about you, Mr. Romney? I think you’re an arrogant, over-priveleged, out-of-touch elitist who should take time and sit and talk with the people you disdain so much. Find out what got them in the positions they’re in. Quit being such a judgmental ass. I am appalled at your comments and outlook. I pray to God that you are not elected. You truly scare the hell out of me.

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