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It’s funny how a mood can change so easily. Today my mood has swung like a pendulum. I wasn’t in a great one, then it got better, then it got worse. A lot of it has had to do with subject matter and people I have been dealing with. It’s made me think, though, that I would really like to not be so affected by external circumstances so much. I need to control my locus a little (lot) better! Life is going to happen no matter what. I want to laugh about it rather than be pissed off. I want to not let it bother me. If people say or do things that hurt my feelings, I want to say, “That was hurtful” and then just move on! I don’t want it to bother me and be a part of my life. I don’t want it dwelling in my head like it should take residence! No. Move on!

All of this because of stupid events and people in a stupid day. That’s a lot of critical thinking. Whew! My head hurts. So internal locus, external locus…hocus pocus. I have to delve into this a little further. It’s very interesting. It does seem to decide how people and things affect me and how I react. Maybe if I can work on this then I can change other things? Who knows. I guess we shall see.

For now, I need something for a raging headache. Too much information for my poor brain to handle now.


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4 thoughts on “Moods

  1. I need to learn that lesson about acknowledging that I’ve been hurt and then moving on instead of thinking about it for days at a time…if you get it figured out, let me know.

    • I am glad to know I am not only one! I am gonna dig a little deeper on this one. I think this is the key to a lot of things for me. But I think the big piece is WHO did or said what. Agree?

  2. Do what I do… don’t give a rip what they think or say. Follow your heart and don’t give them that much power over how you feel about yourself or a situation , especially over an extended period of time. As long as you are okay with close friends, family, and those you work closest with, be confident in your decisions and feelings about yourself and the issues in daily life that affect you. There will always be naysayers and you have to develop an immunity to them or they will ruin your daily outlook. Surround yourself with positive people that are your personal cheerleaders, and people you can cheer on in their pursuits. You are worth it. Be your own biggest fan! It took me almost half a century to adopt this attitude, but I am happier and more confident. I don’t run others down, but smile and walk away and let it roll right off my back and concentrate on things in my life that really matter. My dad always says to see difficulties and obstacles as a “bump in the road”. Do what you can and move on! It takes time to do this, but the more you do it, it will become second nature to you to react by not reacting when faced with negativity. Hope this helps.:)

    • It helps tremendously. You might be my new bff. 🙂 There are some people I couldn’t care less about and then others…But it’s more like situational things that just piss me off. I had many this week that just were unpleasant. One on friday was just so stupid it ended up being comical. That was at least a plus. I am trying to find humor in the stupid things so I can laugh. That helps it become easier to blow off. And lemme tell ya, the Friday thing was a big deal. But the bottom line is that those people don’t deserve that power and I am not going to give it to them. Thanks!

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