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Political Truth Is Oxymoron


I read a NRSC’s photo of the vp candidate saying that none of has to settle and was momentarily surprised and bemused. I recall the pictures and the recent comments of the presidential candidate on education saying that we should only get the amount of education we can afford. How is that not settling? It sounds contradictory to me.

That is what frustrates me about elections. Everyone seems to say opposing things at different times. I wish there was some sort of law that said they had to lay out exactly what they stood for and that they had to be truthful through the whole campaign and election process. I think political mudslinging, pandering, and blatant lying is wrong. Present the absolute facts. Don’t confuse people. No, I am not as educated on the national events and policies as I should be or would like to be. I have a job and a life I have to care for. I have to deal with that while trying my best to stay afloat. I would love to focus on politics only for a while and try to figure out who exactly is the best person for the office of President. While I can’t do that, I also don’t believe I am being presented with the truth. And that is what I want: the truth! Romney, if you think you can do a better job, explain to me EXACTLY how. And btw, when you represent us in foreign countries, don’t bungle it. The last time you were out of the country, you screwed it up in my opinion. You have to know the names of people and you have to answer questions or have your people do so in a respectful way. They can’t tell reporters to kiss their ass. That’s the redneck way of doing things. Diplomacy is part of being a President. Got it? President Obama, tell us all you did right and what else you plan to do. Own up to what you did wrong and how you plan to rectify it. We just want the truth please. Thank you.

I realize asking for the truth in politics is pretty much an oxymoron. It shouldn’t be, though. You want to hold the highest seat in the land? Then just give me absolute truth. Pretty simple and pretty basic. And it should be bipartisan.



I love this idea and have to do it soon!

the 3 R's blog

And so continues my exploration into paint chips, and what can be done with them!  This time I focused on Benjamin Moore paint chips, which are harder to make into things, since they are long and skinny.  So I decided to use them for their main component, bright pretty colors, and I came up with some fun new art!

Basically I used standard Benjamin Moore paint strips, with either 3 or 4 colors on them, and then sliced them into 1/8″ slices with my Olfa blade.  I then glued them to a base piece of paper with a glue stick, since I was worried that a wetter glue like Elmer’s or Sobo would warp the paper.  

Because most of the paint strips were only 3 colors and similar in length to my space, the white bits ended up in roughly two chunks.  Now the look is kind of fun…

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Why Bother?

Sometimes I feel like “Why bother?” I was trying to tell something to someone earlier today. They refused to listen to me because they just knew they were right. I felt like just saying why bother? I knew they were wrong from the information presented and there was black and white proof, but they were arguing with me. I was just too frustrated and tired to argue. I had tried to say something like 4 times and this person kept talking over me. Finally I was tired of it and I was just ready to leave. I said, “If you’d stop talk over me and let me finish a sentence, you could hear what I am saying!” I briefly explained it. Then I left. If this person then wanted to continue look for something wrong, fine. I don’t care. But I was no longer bothering. The funny thing was they were looking for a piece of paper that was non-existent. But that is like a dog chasing its tail. Maybe after they wore themselves out chasing it they would figure that out. I wasn’t sticking around for hours watching it spin in circles.

Another situation, I have gone out of my way to maintain a friendship. The friend has just seemed to be a friend when it was convenient. There have been times when this person fails to be places on time. No phone call, no nothing. Just kind of breezes in and says hello as if nothing is wrong. Then they can’t seem to understand why I am upset. They were supposed to be meeting me so I could make it somewhere else at a designated time. I had no idea what time they were going to arrive. I have either had to cancel something else or had to fly to make it there. I feel used and angry. I am wondering if this is even friendship or what. I am honestly starting to doubt it. I like this person and I hate this behavior. I have to interact with this person like this multiple times a week. It’s starting to cause problems. I don’t want to have to confront them, but I suppose I am going to have to. I am tired of my life being in chaos because of someone else. It’s bad enough when I cause chaos. But when outside forces are causing it? That’s bad! But the part I am concerned about is the friendship…I mean, why bother? Do I bother? I care about this person. But I don’t feel like it is really reciprocated. Or if it is, it is superficial. And maybe that is all they’re capable of. But I need better than that.

Maybe I am in a bad mood. Maybe I am just reflective. But I feel like why bother at times. Some people just don’t care and some people just aren’t worth it. How do y’all handle moments like these? I really want to know. I am just kinda stuck and I don’t want to be stuck. I want to feel confident with how I handle things.


Writer’s Help


I don’t have time to write a great blog about this but wanted to put a blog up with some good info while I am thinking about it. If you want a list of 100 writing markets for free, you can get it. I may write more later but I had to write this while I was thinking. Have a good day!


Write About What You Know

I just thought this was great information! Enjoy!

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