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I took a chance


I have talked about making changes. Today I decided to do something. I wrote an “article” and submitted it to a local women’s monthly magazine. They may or may not like it. But know what? I finally wrote something besides my blog. Initially I went to their website and sent them a quick email just stating that I had an article written that I would like to submit for review. They responded very positively within an hour to my message. As soon as I got the response, I emailed back with my piece. It’s just a short piece, only 600 words. It’s a small, local magazine for women so they don’t do huge articles. I hope they want it. I would love for them to say YES!

But anyway…it was a chance.



Which Box Do You Mark?




wedding rings

wedding rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I fill out paperwork and it’s something that asks if I am single, married, divorced, or widowed I always wonder which box I am supposed to mark. Sometimes I can check more than once, but if I am filling the form out online, I can only choose one. So which one? I was married. I am divorced. I am single. So do I choose single? Do I choose divorced? And for the record, my divorce was over a decade ago so it feels like the marriage almost never really even happened. And then to further complicate things, what if I married the guy, divorced him, remarried him, and he passed away? Then which box would I choose? See the dilemma? It’s not so easy, is it?! Would you be divorced, widowed, married, single? And sometimes does it even matter? I mean, unless I am doing something where a spouse/mate/partner needs to help make the decision, I don’t think it has much bearing. But why all the freaking confusion?!


Anyone else confused? So which box do you mark?



Sometimes I feel like third shift makes me forgotten. You know how absence makes the heart grow fonder for some people? I sometimes don’t feel that way. People don’t see me because there is just no time and they just forget me. And it is hard to keep up. I have a hard time talking to them because usually when I am awake they are asleep. And when they’re awake, I should be asleep. It makes life hard. Some of these relationships probably should have gone away and others…well I don’t know what to say about them. I miss some people. It does make me wonder if they miss me. I know that some people don’t know exactly when they can call or whatever. That’s fine. It’s a hard schedule. But they could text or send an email once in a while. It would make me realize they haven’t completely forgotten me. Oh well. I guess some of them haven’t forgotten.

Prophetic Movie?

Cover of "You've Got Mail"

Cover of You’ve Got Mail

I was watching “You’ve Got Mail” because I was feeling quite nostalgic over the loss of Nora Ephron. I realized how prophetic this movie really was. It discusses how people meet online and online addiction. Wow! She was quite genius. I know a lot of people probably viewed it as a cutesy chick flick, but it was more along the lines of modern day prophecy played right before us. We just didn’t realize how true it really was.

Consider how often you check things online. Do you wake up and check your mail or Facebook right away? Do you have apps on your phone specifically for this?  Hmmm…you might be an addict.

How many people have you met online over the last few years? You may not have truly met them in person, but you know them through online communities. It’s the way of the world now. It’s how we operate. I have a lot of friends through the computer. I may not see them due to my schedule, but we keep in touch and care about our lives.

It was interesting how accurate she really was with her thoughts about life in this movie. She was spot on.

Happy Birthday America!

It’s your birthday! I’m so proud of you. I am blessed and grateful to be a part of the American family! Happy birthday and may we have many many more!

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