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Rethinking Fairy Tales

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When we were kids we were read these ridiculous stories and they were what molded us. I think they sometimes made us believe certain things. Sometimes we believed good really did overcome evil and other things. But when you look back at those fairy tales maybe you should look at the underlying truth or theme. What am I talking about?

Cinderella:  So we see this poor girl who gets treated like dirt and eventually a fairy godmother steps in and helps her overcome adversity and win the prince. Really? OMG! Sorry, girls. That ain’t happening. Reality: The girl works like a dog and every time she thinks she thinks she has found Prince Charming he knocks her up and runs off.

Peter Pan:  A tale of a charming boy who refuses to grow up. This is seen by children as fun and full of whimsy. Reality: Yet another man who refuses to grow up. Many times his behavior puts people at risk. Why on earth would he take other children around a pirate and alligators?! This is not a responsible person and if you run into the grown-up version, run! Fast!

Goldilocks:  A little girl with golden hair is curious about life and ready to try things out. There are a few different realities to this one. This story tells kids that girls with golden hair can get away with breaking and entering with no real repercussions. Hmmm…good self-esteem booster for brunettes. Also great morals to instill in all children. (HEAVY sarcasm) So does this mean I would have done better in life as a blonde? Hmmm…

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White:  Brunettes with troublesome stepmothers who are eventually poisoned with an apple yet given the kiss of life by a Prince. Sorry. I had to stop for a moment because I was laughing. Brunettes get the raw deal every time! Not only did poor ol’ Snow get lost in the forest and forced into slavery by dwarves, then she was poisoned! Fairy tales were the beginning of soap operas. Apples have gotten a bad rap since the beginning of time (Adam and Eve) and people still try to get kids to eat them. Ever stop to think this might be a reason kids won’t eat fruit? Next time tell the story with poisoned soda or candy. Spoiler alert, kids. Kisses are great, but ain’t none of them that great! And not everyone can kiss well!

So how are you feeling about those fairy tales now? Think they messed with you just a little? I do. I think they really set our expectations kinda high and then we’re let down when life happens. But I guess they make for a good story. And we all like those. 😉


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11 thoughts on “Rethinking Fairy Tales

  1. oh my goodness, you had me laughing…I do think we hear those fairy tales when we’re young and then are disappointed when life doesn’t turn out that way…

    • glad you laughed. i was thinking about this the other day and wondering what in the world people were thinking when they came up with the idea to tell these stories to kids?! no wonder some of us are messed up. lol

  2. You might want to make a distinction between Peter Pan (from a 20th century novel) and the others, which are really fairy tales. The latter come from a time when most ADULTS were scared of witches and dragons, and princes were very relevant to their lives.

    Kids often get adults’ cultural hand-me-downs when they’re no longer relevant for adults.

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