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When Happiness Was Easy

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Remember the days when happiness was that big ol’ 64 pack of Crayola® crayons? You could have a coloring book or just a lot of paper. It didn’t matter. Happiness was creation. And if you had that 64 pack of crayons  you could do anything! Right? Well, then they came out with bigger packs of crayons and then 64 wasn’t good enough. I wanted the bigger pack with MORE colors so that I could do more!

While the 64 pack made us happy for a while, we began to long for more and better. I think that pretty much sums up adulthood, too. We are briefly satisfied and then we start wanting more. Then we get a little more. It’s basically an addiction. You get a taste and you want more! Why? Because more equals better in most people’s eyes. It may not really be the case, but that is the way the majority of the world sees it.

Some days I just want that fresh pack of 64 crayons and some paper. I wonder if I’d be satisfied? Maybe momentarily. I know I would love the smell of those things. It was intoxicating. And I loved the fresh blunt point of a brand new crayon. I wasn’t happy when I had to peel the crayons to sharpen them. But I loved the sharpener. I mean, how cool was it having a built-in sharpener?! 🙂 I think I have learned through crayons that happiness is not always more. Yeah, it would be nice. But sometimes you’ve got to be happy with what you’ve got.


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