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‎”We know we’re coming full circle with God when we stand at a very similar crossroad where we made such a mess of life before, but this time we take a different road.”Beth Moore

I saw this quote this morning and was touched. How many times have we gone what seems to be round and round and come back to the same spot? It seems so simple to say that we need to do something different yet many of us don’t.

Change of any sort is hard. But so is making the same mistakes over and over. Have you ever done that and ended up asking yourself, “Why? Why did I do that?” Most of the time the answer is pretty easy. It is a lot easier to do what is familiar than it is to do something unfamiliar.

Change is not only hard, but it is scary as well. What adult wants to admit they’re afraid? We are supposed to be adults and saying we are scared of something or that something is hard is to most of us failure in itself. I wish people would quit thinking that way. If we all quit trying to act so unafraid when we’re actually really scared then we might be able to help ourselves and others out.

So if you are at a crossroads and you are looking toward the same path that you always take, consider the path you haven’t taken before. It might lead you out of the mess you’re in.



What is supposed to be the happiest time of year is turning into the worst time of the year for some people I know. In the last couple of days both of an old friend’s parents have passed away. They had long-term illnesses that finally took them on the same day. It was a testimony to their love for each other I think that they left this earth on the same day. I hurt for their daughter, though. I lost my parents a year apart and thought I was going to fall apart. I can’t imagine what she is going through.

Then today I learned through Facebook that an old friend who had been injured in a car wreck on Halloween had died today. I grew up with his brother. He always stepped in when his brother and I were arguing and made things right. It’s hard to believe he is gone. I hurt for his family. I knew them all so well years ago.

Another friend is suffering. She and her husband had to carry out the wishes of her brother-in-law and basically take him off life support. It’s so easy to say that we know that this or that is what we would want when the situation isn’t upon us but when it is at our door it is hard to actually do it. She knew what he wanted but I can’t imagine having to say the words or sign the papers.

Today I cry tears for all of these families. I cry for their pain. I cry for my own. It stirs a lot of memories. I don’t know that I would wish that kind of pain on my worst enemy. It’s a pain that leaves a hole in your heart for eternity. My prayer is that God will bring peace to these families knowing that their loved ones are no longer suffering. That is what helped me when I lost my parents. I knew they would never hurt anymore and that was a comfort I treasured. I pray that they get through these days the best they can and that they have support throughout it all.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Simple. Sweet. I don’t know what else to say except I am so glad for the birth of Jesus and all it did and represented.

I hope if anyone reading this is traveling that you have safe travels. I hope that if anyone reading this is experiencing pain in their lives that your burdens be lightened. I hope that anyone reading this knows the true reason for CHRISTmas…the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Happy birthday, Jesus!

Beauty In Pessimism

I am so grateful 2011 is almost over. This has been one of the WORST years of my life. It rates right up there with my mother dying and my divorce.

I went into 2011 with the shiny, happy hope that most do. Actually, I thought 2011 was going to be THE year! As I come close to the end I feel as if I have been run over by a semi and just for good measure they threw it in reverse. 2011, you sucked!

Now just because 2011 was rough that doesn’t mean I am anticipating sweetness and light for 2012. Nope. Learned my lesson on that.  Murphy’s Law will get ya every time. No, I am going into 2012 with no expectations and as few hopes possible. Yes, it sounds pessimistic but it is just realistic and accepting. I don’t expect anything so I am not disappointed. But I sure can be happily surprised. See? Beauty in pessimism! Genius? Possibly.

See? 2012 is all about acceptance and learning and just getting through life without collecting many more battle scars! I have enough of those for myself and a few other people. I have decided to try a no expectations approach rather than a great expectations approach. It really simplifies the whole thing when you think about it. Without worrying and stressing about what the outcome of something is then you can just “be” in the moment. Now that’s a concept, huh? Again, there is beauty in pessimism!

What Ever Happened To Chuck Cunningham?

Remember Happy Days? When the show first started there were 3 Cunningham kids. After a while there was only Richie and Joanie. So what happened to good ol’ Chuck? He just disappeared. Then Fonzie was like their 3rd child.

Don’t you hate when tv shows do stuff without saying what happened? Another show that recently did that was The New Girl. One of the Wayans brothers was on there and I thought he was gonna be great! Then suddenly he is gone. Poof! No reason. He shows up on another show that really sucks.

I’m trying to think of another show this has happened on. Oh! I know! The Cosby Show started out with no Sondra and suddenly there she was. Then when Lisa Bonet misbehaved in real life, she was shipped off to Africa with no real reason. Now you know Cliff and Clair would NOT have gone for that!

And the youngest sister, Judy, on Family Matters…For such a close-knit and large family, what happened?! Carl was on the police force. Shouldn’t he have known his own kid was missing? Then again he had his mother, sister-in-law, nephew and too often neighbor basically living there. I still don’t know how you lose your kid, though. Maybe she was a family member who didn’t matter so much? I dunno.

Another thing I remember is on the Brady Bunch they had that dog, Tiger. Remember Jan was allergic to some sort of powder for him? We thought we were going to have to get rid of him and wow! Then after a while no more Tiger. Did he die or what?

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