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I Have Been Watching The West Wing

It was a tv show that ran for a while and had a great cast of characters. The main character was Martin Sheen who played the President of the United States. I realize that the show is a tv show and there are a lot of fictional elements in it. But they did do a lot of research as well to try to keep some things accurate.

What has struck me about the show is how it promoted a respect for the office of Presidency. It recognized bipartisanship. But it still recognized that no matter what your beliefs are that they should show respect to the office and to our Commander-in-Chief. Whether you or anyone else likes it or not, he is still the Commander-in-Chief.

So many of us are quick to point out what the President should or should not be doing. But do we ever truly think about what he deals with on a daily basis? His life and the lives of his family are in danger daily. He has to try to worry about things not only happening within our country but other countries as well. He has to weigh the consequences of any of his actions to see how damaging they would be to the world. Not exactly an easy job.

It is all well and good to sit back and be a backseat driver in politics. But it is a completely different thing when you are the leader of the Free World and are having every aspect of your life scrutinized. I think that before people condemn him and call him the enemy that maybe they should ask themselves if they could handle all of that pressure? It may sound good in theory, but I think in reality it might not be so great. I think anyone who would take that job is extremely brave, no matter what party they’re affiliated with.

God bless America and hail to the Chief!


For Justin

I thought of you today. I know you’re in a happier place but I sure miss you. I couldn’t help but cry. I can’t believe it has been so long. I haven’t forgotten you. Nobody has. Our lives are richer because we knew you and we all just wish that we had had you in our lives longer.

I smile at all the times we sat “fighting” over music. It is comical how we were even friends. We didn’t like a lot of the same stuff but somehow that didn’t matter. It was a friendship that just was. You worried about me. I worried about you.

A lot has changed since you have been gone. I ¬†wish they were good changes. I can’t fix things or people. You know how often I have tried. I would try so hard because I loved so much.

Justin, I miss and love you. It is hard without you. Much much love…amy

Me and the Neti Pot

Do you know what a neti pot is? It is this funky little blue plastic pot that you put warm water in and pour UP your nose to irrigate your sinuses. Basically it pushes out stuff you can’t blow out. Yeah, I know. Gross. Whatever. Grow up. Snot happens.

So my allergies have been bothering me. I heat up some salt water and put it in the neti pot and begin to use it. Lord have mercy! I thought I melted my brains out! I got the water a wee bit too hot. The words that flew from my mouth were quite colorful. My nasal passages were burning and melting and I was screaming and crying. I swear I thought I was going to die. It was such an adventure that the cats ran to find out what had happened. When they saw me jumping up and down while screaming with smoke coming from my nostrils, they ran. I don’t blame them. I would have, too! So it stops burning eventually.

After a good blowing of the nose I was able to think clearer. I laughed at how comical that must have looked. Then I laughed at the prospect of going to the hospital and telling them I had burned the inside of my nose with hot water. How do you explain that one? “Why, yes, Doctor. I did pour scalding water up my nose on purpose.” I can just see the looks I would get. And I know a lot of the ER personnel so it would be quite comical I’m sure.

Please learn from my mistake. Don’t put scalding water up your nose. It really hurts. And you will curse like a sailor. Test the water temp on the inside of your wrist. If it is too hot for your wrist, it is certainly too hot for your nasal passages. Trust me.

Cost Benefit Analysis of a Relationship

Someone asked me what I thought about ending relationships. My thought is that it isn’t easy to do and should be considered carefully. So we discussed it further and I explained how I felt a relationship is an investment. You invest your feelings, time, energy, heart and soul in some relationships.

Now if you are married, I don’t suggest just getting a divorce. I don’t believe in that. But if the relationship is prior to marriage or is a friendship, I suggest the cost benefit analysis method. Look at the whole relationship. How much are you putting in? What is it costing you? Is that cost something you are comfortable with? Next you need to look at what your return is. What are you getting back? Do you feel like the other person is as invested in you as you are them? Are you comfortable with that? Once you’ve broken it down and analyzed it, then make a decision. Stay or go? Is this relationship worth it? Unfortunately, not all are. Some you have to let go and move on. And it hurts. And some you realize you aren’t putting enough effort in. Maybe you’ll get more out if you put more in. What is beneficial to you?

Bottom line, relationships are huge investments. We pour ourselves into them. We need to feel like we’re getting something back. If you’re not, then something needs to change. And you’re the only one who can figure out what that change needs to be.

Don’t Take The Bait

Ever notice how sometimes there is something or someone enticing? It’s like fishing. When you fish, you use flashy lures and bait that will attract your prey. The thing is that fish can be smarter than the fisherman. Just because there is bait there doesn’t mean that the fish has to take it. Cause guess what! There’s other food out in that water. That fish survived without that bait. It can keep on surviving. The thing the fish needs to remember is that if it takes that bait there is the chance of death. Actually death is almost certain. But if the fish refuses the bait and keeps on surviving on its own, life can keep on happening. It may not be an easy life, but it is still life. The odds of living are much higher by leaving that bait alone.

Think about that when temptation comes your way. Is it really something good or is it just bait for something bad? I have learned to look at things that way. It’s a real eye opener.

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