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I Watched Those Crazy Housewives Again

I probably shouldn’t watch them because they drive me nuts. But I watched the Housewives again. My favorite ones are the East Coast wives. Lord have mercy! I would like to just tell them a thing or two! Maybe they read my blog. I hope so!

Let’s start with New York. Kelly is a bubblehead. She tries to give people advice. She needs to get some advice and that would be to keep her nose in her own business. She is trying to get in the middle of everyone’s fights. Kelly, stay out of their fights and your life would be a lot better. Alex is trying to be more assertive. Alex, when you have a clear thought in your head say it. Otherwise just be quiet. I don’t want to hear you spitting and sputtering and I don’t want to watch you turn red because you can’t put two or three words together in a clear manner. Jill, quit being so judgmental! Just live your life and leave everyone alone. You’ll be a lot happier. Stick to a lovey dovey life with Bobby and hanging out with Luann. And of course that leads to Luann. Luann, quit getting in all of Jill’s fights. It’s ridiculous. You have a boyfriend and 2 kids. You should have enough on your plate without getting in other people’s business. Ramona is next. Ramona needs psychological help. She is completely bipolar and if she isn’t an alcoholic she is well on her way. All we hear is pinot grigio and about her sex life. I don’t care to hear about either. Ramona wonders why people don’t want to be around her. Well, control your mouth and get help! You have all kinds of crap that spews from you and that is toxic. Next is Sonja. Sonja is constantly partying. Is that all she is? Is there a woman of substance anywhere in there? We see flashy clothing and talk of sex. Lastly there is Cindy. I like Cindy. She is much more real than any of these women. She just is who she is. She works and has kids. She has done well for herself. She does have a little sense of entitlement but that is forgivable with her down to earth personality.

Now on to New Jersey. I like 2 of these women: Jacqueline and Caroline. I like Jacqueline because she is nice. She is too nice sometimes. She tries so hard to help everyone and I hate that she sometimes gets caught in the crossfire. I wish she could do something about that bratty daughter. It’s hard, though, because she is trying to be respectful to her husband and he caves to the brat. I love Caroline because she just says what she thinks and tries to keep the peace but if it can’t be kept she moves on. She raised 3 good kids and has a good marriage. She just says what is on her mind. A real woman. Teresa is a whiny woman who needs to quit causing trouble. She is a drama queen and she misdirects when she does it. There is this air of “Did I do that?” and it is just ridiculous. I can’t stand it. It makes me wonder if she really believes this. I think she does. She needs to come to reality and see that she is constantly in the midst of chaos and maybe that she is the cause of it. Melissa is Teresa’s sister-in-law who seems to think she is the next Madonna. Ok, Miz Melissa, if you’re gonna sing, you need to get the words right. You were singing Amazing Grace and got the words wrong. Quit thinking you are such a diva and just be real. Kathy is almost likable. She is Teresa’s cousin and she hangs out with Melissa. She has 2 good kids and seems pretty nice. I can’t get a good feel off her so I haven’t made up my mind yet.

A piece of advice I would give all these women is to quit having confrontations in public places. Yes, you’re on tv. But do you have to be in a restaurant while you have arguments? That would be the last place I would want to be for a fight.

Anyone else feel like this about these crazy housewives?


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2 thoughts on “I Watched Those Crazy Housewives Again

  1. Whenever I watch them, I’m like “Just shut up, stop trying to talk over each other and listen to what the others have to say.” I think I like the Jersey girls the best, I really don’t like Teresa at all. I agree about Jacqueline and Caroline, but I do like Melissa…I guess I feel sorry for her having to have Teresa for a sister-in-law. Every time I watch these shows, I ask myself why I’m watching…entertainment…

  2. I know. I wonder constantly why I am watching this mess but yet I keep on watching! I like Melissa a tiny bit more than Teresa but I don’t like Teresa much at all. I kinda like Kathy. She is a good mom and wife and seems to really care about her family. She reminds me a lot of Caroline. And after one of Caroline’s boys said it I now believe her husband DOES resemble Jeff Goldblum! I never thought of that before! I feel bad about Jacqueline. She tries so hard to keep the peace and the episode I saw the other night her husband said that they WERE going to help the brat with a new car. Then the next thing we know, she didn’t get them anything for Christmas and her point on that was “Oh well….Whatever!” Whatever? Your parents just shelled out major money and you can’t even get them something lousy for Christmas? BRAT! She should have gotten several whippings growing up. Caroline’s boys kill me. I especially love when Christopher torments Albie. I was rolling hysterically when he did the Cajun voice. He’s funny.

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