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Real Housewives?

I know there are a lot of people who watch these shows. I can’t be the only one or they wouldn’t have so many different versions. I won’t call them a guilty pleasure, but I am not sure what to call it. But one thing about the shows I would like to know is how some of these women even fit the criteria for a “housewife.” I thought a housewife was a 1. a wife and 2. didn’t work. Some of these women aren’t wives and I just think that they have no place on the show. While I don’t have any objections to a woman working (I better not since I work my butt off), but I do think that you can’t classify a working woman as a housewife. There is nothing wrong with either thing, but just use the words properly.

Have any of you ever wondered how these women have any friends? They are mean and catty to each other. Sometimes they do it to their friends’ faces and other times behind their backs. But even when it is behind their backs they need to realize that it is being televised. People will see it. People will hear it. I wonder at times with friends like that who needs enemies? I don’t want those kinds of people as “friends.” I have enough enemies in the world without that BS.

Other issues are drinking and cheating and divorce. Some of these women are borderline, if not completely, alcoholics. All you ever hear about is pinot grigio. Guess what! Life is not about wine! It should be more about being a good person and treating others well. Divorce has run rampant on these shows. Maybe they need to realize they’re ruining their relationships by doing these shows. How could it be clearer?

Should we watch the shows? Do we help screw up their lives by watching? Or would they still spontaneously combust? I think they’d blow up eventually, but there is hope for them and maybe if some of these people didn’t participate in the shows then they could pull their lives together. I hate that they end up destroying their lives. I guess the thing is that it is like looking at a wreck. You want to look away but something makes you keep watching.


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2 thoughts on “Real Housewives?

  1. Oh my gosh, yes, I watch those shows and often wonder how anyone would be friends with most of them…I sure wouldn’t want friends who treated me that way, and I’d never treat someone else like that. I know what you’re saying, kind of a guilty pleasure…do these shows sometimes make you feel oh so much better about your own life? They do for me.

  2. I admit that they do make me feel better about myself. I am a nicer person than those women. But I am also quite poorer than them. So that leads me to wonder, does me being nice mean that I will always be poor? Do nice people really finish last? I don’t like that thought but I do wonder if it is the truth. Would I rather be a rich bitch or a poor nice person? I’d rather be in the middle. It’s interesting, though.

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