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Things I Do Not Like

I was talking to a few different friends recently and realized in various conversations that I said I did not like a lot of different things. I was like, “Man! I really have a lot of dislikes!” But it got me to thinking. What things do I not like? Why? So I started making a list. I may update as I think of more.  It’s just a little insight into me. And these are completely random and not ranked. Just thinking of them as I go. So don’t think if something is lower on the list that it is a lower priority. Not at all. It may not have occurred to me til later that, “Oh yeah! I really do not like that!” So here we go!

I do not like:

  1. Clowns. I’m not the only one. Many don’t and if so many don’t why do we still have clowns? They’re scary!
  2. Scary movies. I have a vivid imagination. I do not need to embed something into my psyche to possibly come out while I am trying to sleep.
  3. Licorice. Vile tasting stuff. Blech!
  4. Brain freeze. The other day I got a frappuccino from Starbucks and I took a big drink because I was burning up and I thought my head was going to explode! I sipped slowly after that.
  5. Peas of any kind. I don’t like the taste or texture. They’re soft and mealy and the taste is so nasty. I have tried hard throughout the years to like them. I cannot stand them. I can eat them if they’re hidden in soup but that is it.
  6. Birds. I was attacked by a turkey when I was like 4 years old and I have been terrified ever since. That stupid thing was going to kill me if it could!
  7. Judgmental people. Everyone does something someone else disapproves of at some point in their lives. Don’t point out other people’s flaws unless you are ready to have yours pointed out. Isn’t that in the Bible somewhere? Maybe people should remember that. I have to answer to God for my business. You answer for yours.
  8. Bad spelling. It is one of those things that drives me nuts! I hate when I am reading something and see a terrible spelling error. Most things have spell check now! Use it! And I hate that schools basically don’t teach correct spelling anymore and rely too heavily on spell checkers. What are these kids going to do if they have to use a real pen and paper? It’s a disgrace!
  9. Prunes. These things are beyond nasty! First, the texture is so gross. It feels like you are biting into a dead tongue. And that is just a disgusting thought. Then the flavor is bad. No thank you!
  10. Driving in Biltmore Village. I hate driving in Biltmore Village. Tourists just feel they can walk right out whenever and wherever they want. The Grand Bohemian Hotel is on 2 sides of the street. Whose bright idea was that? Then there is the train. It just messes everything up. The Village is not fun to drive in.
  11. Migraines. I have had one for days off and on and I wish it would go away. I’m tired of a headache. At least it has simmered down some and is not to the point where I am throwing up. But I am having light sensitivity somewhat. All my blinds are pulled and I only have one light on in the living room.
  12. Forgetting something at the grocery store. That is so annoying. You go to get that specific item and get sidetracked and forget it altogether! I don’t know if it is part of getting older or what. I try to make myself a list to keep myself straight. Not an easy task.
  13. Cleaning the litterbox. I hate cleaning the litterbox. It’s gross. But at least I do not have to walk the cats. They walk themselves and are self sufficient. I just wish that Soleil would cover her poop. Nasty cat!
  14. Being alone all the time. I do like solitude. I am not one that has to have someone with them 24 hours a day. I guess that comes from being an only child. I can entertain myself. I don’t need someone else to entertain me. But there are times I would like someone in my life that cared about me and loved me. I thought I had that and found out it was a lie. It devastated me. It makes me wonder if I will  ever find someone else and if I can ever really trust again. I am not a very trusting person by nature as far as whole heart goes and he set me back a lot by doing what he did.
  15. All the noise my neighbors make. They’re nice people. I don’t think they realize how noisy they have been lately. They have been home more lately and they have been making so much noise. Now I could be extra senstive due to the migraines, but I thought the other day that they had brought a herd of elephants in. I did finally speak up about their surround sound shaking my wall. That stopped that. And I know they don’t mean to be so noisy. And I don’t want to be the complaining neighbor. I just like quiet sometimes. Especially when I have a headache.
  16. Spicy mustard. Weird, huh? I like yellow mustard. I do not like spicy mustard. Don’t know why.
  17. Organ meat. Just the names make me gag. Maybe it’s a mind thing. I don’t know. But I just can’t eat them.
  18. Carnations. I don’t just not like these flowers; I hate them. It’s funny because they are the flower that represent my birth month: January. To me they represent death and I do not like that either. So I guess #18 is a twofer: carnations and death.
  19. Binny Hinn. He is a televangelist that works my nerve. He has this weird colored hair and he “heals” people. I believe in healing people but not like that. It’s contrived and fake and he’s just trying to cheat people out of money.
  20. Jim Carrey. I know a lot of people love his comedy. I don’t know why I don’t. Something about him bothers me. I know it’s odd. I just can’t help it!
  21. Loud noises. I have a bad startle reflex and sudden loud noises scare the crap out of me! I jump out of my skin! I don’t like that.
  22. PTSD. I have PTSD from being violently attacked 3 years ago. It still haunts me. I do not like the anxiety it causes or the feelings I have because of it. I have fear and anxiety and it is hard sometimes. Especially the nightmares. I do not like PTSD at all.
  23. Funeral homes. I hate these places. To get me into one is like an act of God. I have been in too many. I do not like the smell. I do not like the feeling. I do not like the music. I do not like them. Period.
  24. Pickled eggs. You walk into a convenience store and see this huge jar of pickled eggs. First, I don’t know how they got the other eggs out. Did they reach in with hands? That is nasty. Second, the taste just seems yuck! Disgusting!
  25. Wrong orders from drive thru. Is this not the most aggravating thing? You go through a drive thru for convenience. It is not convenient to get the wrong order! Makes me angry and I do not like being angry.
  26. Losing my keys. I lose my keys all the time. I know I should put them in the same place. I try. I forget. I’m trying to do better!
  27. Insomnia. I have always had insomnia–even as a kid. It drives me crazy. I just want some good peaceful and relaxing sleep. I want to wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready to go get the world! Instead I have hit snooze like 5 times and am stumbling to bathroom to get in shower to wake up and then slamming some caffeine and B12 to get moving.
  28. Abusive words. I have had hateful and abusive words thrown at me before and I do not like this. I don’t think people should do this to others. It is painful and sticks with someone for a long time. People can use the excuse of anger, but that is a cop out. You said it. You meant it. And you’re only sorry you said it where the other person could hear it.
  29. Slow drivers in the fast lane. I was driving down Hendersonville Rd. the other day and the speed limit is 45. There was a car in the left lane going 35. I was so mad! I did not like this and was so ready to scream. I think I did yell in the car a few times actually. I was in a hurry and just wanted to take care of some things and get home. I felt like I was crawling. If you’re going to drive, follow the law and the limits!
  30. Polka music. I do not like it. Maybe you do. Sorry. It causes my head to hurt and I do not like for my head to hurt. So no polka music!
  31. Druggies. I do not like what drugs do to people. It changes who and what they are. Druggies will do anything to get their fix and I do not like that.
  32. Popcorn. Let me clarify. I do not like regular old popcorn. Give me some Fiddle Faddle and I am happy. But I do not like regular popcorn. For some reason it seems to stick in teeth worse and I hate that.
  33. Parents who do not discipline their children. Children who get no discipline are being short-changed. They’re not being prepared properly for adulthood. It is not fair to impose children who misbehave on society. It sets society up for more overpopulation in jails and more psychological issues to deal with down the road.
  34. Bugs. I’m not scared of them. I just don’t like them. They’re annoying. Trying to bite you or get into your food or something. I don’t like to be bitten and I don’t like when something eats my food. Simple.
  35. When the pizza box is mashed down and the cheese sticks to the top. This drives me crazy! I love cheese! I do not like when my cheese has to be scraped off the cardboard and sometimes I end up eating a sliver of cardboard, too. Oh that is so yuck!
  36. Root beer. I have never liked this. Don’t know why this flavor hits me wrong but it is wrong so I don’t like it.
  37. Beer. I don’t like regular beer either. It is not a taste I wish to “acquire.” If I do not like something then I do not like it. I don’t want to have keep doing it until it doesn’t bother me too much.
  38. Seafood. Not a fan. I do not like it. It has a whangy kind of flavor that is just yuck.
  39. Women wearing dirty looking makeup. I don’t know if you know what I mean, but it doesn’t look natural. It looks like mud rather than evened out skin tone. I do not like this look.
  40. My couch. It is uncomfortable. I would love a new one but can’t afford it.
  41. My weight. I do not like my weight. I gained weight when I went through all kinds of drama and am now trying to figure out how to lose it without stressing too much. It is happening but I still do not like my weight.
  42. Coconut. The flavor is a little off-putting and I hate how it gets stuck in your teeth. I do not like the smell either.
  43. DMV. Does anybody like this place? Always a line and it’s crowded and loud. I do not like when I have to go there.
  44. Polygamy. I think that a man can barely take care of one wife much less multiple wives. I do not like how it is a set up for jealousy and is an excuse for cheating.
  45. Baking. I prefer to cook “real” food. I am just not a baker. I think I don’t like the precise measurements and all of that. If you aren’t precise, it won’t turn out right. When you are flying by the seat of your pants with regular cooking it is ok and you can adjust as you go.

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