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Migraines are truly a pain!

Yes, I know that is an oxymoron. They hurt! My head should not be hurting so much today. The temperature is down. The air pressure seems to be down. The pollen is down. The moon is full. My stress level is up. My blood pressure is up. So my head is throbbing! Last night it was so bad at work that I had to wear my sunglasses inside the building to work in the flourescent lights. There’s no windows in the area I work so I had no access to the full moon.

So there I was working away at 3 am with sunglasses on an office. I kept hearing that song “I Wear My Sunglasses At Night” in my head but wasn’t seeing the humor in it at the time. Now it is a little funny. I mean, what kind of nut job wears sunglasses inside at 3 am? This one obviously! 🙂

I think one reason for the migraines is the stress. But another is not getting enough sleep. I can’t sleep well. Third shift is wreaking havoc on my sleep. During the day there are so many sounds! And they’re loud! And it seems like I just can’t get my body to rest and relax. I lie there and do deep breathing exercises and try to put myself in a tranquil state of mind and then a negative thought creeps in. Then I have to shift my thinking to push it away. I’d really love to have a brain scan thing done like I have seen on House so I can know what is happening in my head!

I have topamirate which is supposed to help alleviate symptoms of migraines. I have been off it consistently and am trying to get back into a groove of taking it correctly. I may have to be like an old person and get a dang pill-box to keep my meds straight. (For the record, getting old sucks!) But these migraines are a pain. I hate them. They hurt so bad and I just want to take something and crawl in a dark room that is cool and quiet. Right now my head is slightly hurting. I’d give it a 4 out 10 on the pain scale. I went ahead and took 2 Goody Powders in order to hopefully fight this headache before it hits full-fledged migraine status. I am not ready for another one.


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2 thoughts on “Migraines are truly a pain!

  1. I’ve only had a migraine a few times, but I feel for you. Do you turn on a fan or something else to produce white noise when you’re trying to sleep during the day? Third shift sucks…big time!!!

  2. I do keep a fan on but my landlord’s father has an addiction to grass mowing which he has been feeding regularly lately. The other day he was mowing dirt. I’m sorry but when you are mowing dirt, I think it is time to stop. Just my thought on the matter. The past 2 weeks have been rough because my neighbor has been out sick due to surgery and we share an adjoining wall on our townhomes and they have been beyond noisy. Typically they are gone when I am trying to sleep so that is not so bad. So between the migraines and the external noise and 3rd shift my sleep has been OFF! 😦 I think I am near exhaustion and on Sunday will come home and crash hard. I am just at a point where I can’t go much longer. Your body can only do so much. Then it quits. I think I can last til Sunday morning but that will be the limit.

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